Trauma Informed Soul Care and Narrative Coaching.


Individual Sessions

In office:

Joshua Tree Counseling

-50 minute hour $100.


- 50 minute hour $100

Self pay only, I am unable to process insurance claims

Group and Small Group Story Work:

-10-week 90 minute transformational sessions $500 per participant

Specialty Areas

Story Engagement, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Brokenness, 

Spiritual Woundedness/Growth, Identity and Spiritual Formation

Frequently Asked Questions:

About My Education and Training
-Masters of Arts, Rehabilitation Counseling-Substance Abuse M.A.1992
-Bachelors of Science in Family Studies and Consumer Resources 1989
-Counseling experience in attachment disorders, developmental trauma, abuse and exploring root causes of maladaptive coping strategies.
-IFOC Licensed Ordained Chaplain 2017-present
-IBCC Credentialed Pastoral Counselor 2020-present

Additional Professional Training 2015 - present

-Allender Center Narrative Focused Trauma Care
-Certificate I (Clinical Track), Certificate II and Externship.
-David Drake Enhanced Narrative Coaching Course
-Vanguard University-EDUX 8000-Understanding the Brain

-Unwanted Sexual Behavior Guide Trained-Jay Stringer

-NARM informed practitioner-Dr. Laurence Heller

-AACC mental health coach

What is soul care?

You are Gods creation. You are a unique soul. You have a purpose. Sometimes we get disoriented. We have all experienced shattered shalom and our souls are divided (Shabar.) Soul care allows time and creates space to examine where obstacles are hindering your healing and growth.

t is this process that makes room for you to discover and remember who God created you to be. A time of re-orienting so you can be assured of "Whose you are", "who you are" and reach your God appointed destiny. The aim of Biblical soul care is to integrate identity with scripture, neurobiology, affect regulation, and grow attachment/relational capacity.

What is Narrative coaching?

God is the author of all stories. You are a story written by Him. We are shaped by stories. There are stories within our story that impact how we view ourselves, others and God. Often our stories need to be re-engaged to bring truth and light into places that are keeping us bound and stuck. Sometimes we have misinterpreted our "shaping" stories, we need sojourners to guide us and allow God to bring a new perspective as well as restoration and redemption. Through this process we can learn to embrace our story to bring hope and healing to ourselves and others. With the intended purpose of living and loving in the present, participating with God in your transformation and changing the trajectory of your future.


Training in Story Work Engagement

Using Allender Center Theological Framework

(more information upon request)